Using Follow Up Boss at a High Level

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Leverage your Systems

We’ve been able to make simple changes that have led to incredible results in a rather short amount of time. If you’re curious about Follow up Boss OR would like to see how we’ve increased conversion, join us for a FREE webinar hosted by our Team Lead, Christian Stubbs.

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We'll be Covering this and a lot more

Stages & Smart Lists

Make you and your agents' lives as SIMPLE as possible. Create the workflow and follow it. We'll provide links to our exact workflows.

Using Video

People buy from People. Increase your conversion by forming relationships at scale with your database.

Automation & Action Plans

Let your CRM do the heavy lifting for you. Anything that can be automated should be. Don't over-complicate your life.


Accountability is what most leaders and sales agents struggle with. Make it EXPECTED in your business. Create your benchmarks and follow them.

Ponds for Competition

Competition creates instant accountability. Complacency kills growth.

CEO Check-ins

Run your business like a REAL business. Delivering the highest possible customer service is crucial to you standing out. Make sure that you stand out in the marketplace.

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Meet Christian Stubbs

Co-Founder of SBLuxuryGroup in Orange County, CA - Christian and the team focus on delivering a high level customer experience.  The Team leverages systems to make both the Agent and Consumer experience great.  

We're huge fans of the Tom Ferry Ecosystem so being extremely open and collaborative has always been a huge part of our growth, we're happy to give back!

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