Boring But Better

Last week I changed my screen saver. If you had asked me what my screen saver was before, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Now, I have a constant reminder. A reminder from the most powerful slide I had ever seen in a presentation.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 18 months, you may have missed the content that Alex Hormozi has been putting out.

I’m sending this out as a PSA to all my business owner & real estate agent friends… If you haven’t spent the time to consume his content, you should.

This slide was one of many that he presented at his most recent book launch. A book launch that he had over 500,000 people register for. The event was about how to generate leads. Yet, this slide had nothing to do with lead generation specifically.

You can apply the principles of this slide in every aspect of your business.

He touches on all different kinds of aspects of business, but this is one that we in the real estate industry need to hear right now.

What boring but better looks like
– Split testing landing pages, not once, but weekly.
– Split testing emails, not once, but weekly.
– Making new ads/creative, not when you have to, but before you need them.
– Role-playing with the sales team, not once, but daily.
– Role-playing with customer success.
– Taking ten more interviews for the same role.
– Taking more time to make your lead magnet better.

These are examples he lays out, but let’s re-write specifically for us as real estate agents.

What boring but better looks like as a Real Estate Agent
– Split testing scripts, not once, but weekly.
– Role play with the sales team, not once, but daily.
– Role play with your TC Team.
– Taking time to make your content better.
– Taking more time to make your consultations better.

This goes back to a similar feeling in the last email I sent. If you missed it, it was about a quote from Phil Jones.

Do the basics. To a high level. Consistently.

The killers in any industry are always doing what they need to do. Always. Average players act average.

What do you need to do in your business?

PS – If you haven’t seen Alex’s content, go to his youtube channel. You can thank me later 🙂