Doing the Basics at a High Level

“Do the basics. At a high level. Consistently.” – Phil Jones

A story that I’ve heard several times from Phil about how we built his career. He was turning around failing stores. When asked how he turned around these stories over and over, his response was always the same.

1. Do the basics.
2. Do them at a high level.
3. Do them consistently.

This is something we’ve been reminded of over the last year and a half in the real estate business.

The number one driver of deals in this business is conversations.

How you choose to get in front of those people is your choice.

Here is what I’ve been doing with our team and it’s been paying off this year.

Looking at every level and implementing what Phil said in his quote.

Ask these questions at every step:
– What are the basics?
– What do they look like at a high level?
– How much do I need to do, consistently?

Lead Generation

Conversion to an Setting an Appointment

Conversion at that appointment to a Client

How about an example… Let’s look at an agent that is doing open houses as their lead generation. First we’ll start by answering the three questions at each stage of the game.

Lead Generation = Open Houses
What are the basics?
1. Signs
2. Arrive early to set up
3. Sign-in all guests

What do they look like at a high level?
1. 20+ signs
2. Make the house look perfect before the starting time. Turning on lights, etc
3. Ask all guests to sign-in. Then have a lead magnet (value add) in exchange for their information

How much do I need to do, consistently?
Every time.
Also, if you really want to be successful with open houses. You should be doing every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4pm at a minimum. 12-5pm would be better. I’d much rather be the first or last person shoppers see that day.

Do you see how going through this process at the lead generation can level up your business?

This is something that I’ve been doing with our team for the last 45 days. We found that we need to be focusing harder on buyer consultations.

It’s been as simple as, we do more buyer consultations and we sell more houses.

This has been huge for us this year.

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