Spending Our Marketing Budget by July

Spend your entire marketing budget by July 1st.


Election year.

Here are a few good reasons why I’m doing this with my team.

  1. Advertising is going to get more expensive as the year goes on.
  2. The media is going to get flooded with ‘vote for me’ campaigns
  3. Interest rates will come down, and I want to do all the deals

When more marketers flood the market, your advertising dollars don’t go as far. Also, I’d bet that your competition isn’t spending money right now. They probably haven’t been for quite some time.

This is an opportunity to build a massive pipeline of prospects that will turn into listings. That’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?

Starting in three weeks, we are going to be launching our biggest marketing campaign to date.

All geared toward listing lead generation.

… and no, I’m not talking about Zillow leads…

I’m talking about advertising real offers to homeowners in the marketplace. I don’t mean offers to buy their homes either, although that could be one of the offers.

I’m going to start this in a niche that I think makes the most sense in our current marketplace. Once I see that we’re getting traction, I’m going to do what we do best. Dump gas on it and scale.

If you want to follow along with this journey, I’m going to be documenting a lot of it in the Start to Finish in Real Estate Community.

My #1 goal is to generate a ton of listings for the agents on our team and leverage those listings into more deals. Again, if you don’t know already, I don’t focus on selling real estate anymore. 

Another goal is that we will need the right agents to be able to handle the leads that we’re generating.

I’m excited and nervous to launch this campaign (biggest we’ve ever done). For the next three weeks, I’ll be working on it after hours.