Provide your Client’s with Valuable Stuff

People don’t like free crap.

People like free stuff.


What people WANT is free stuff that is valuable.

I’ll prove it.

We have been sending this newsletter for over a year. This is our agent-facing newsletter, Start to Finish in Real Estate. We send it out every Thursday. We track all the data on the emails we send out, and without fail, the best-performing emails are the ones that give free stuff (like this one). I’m going to share the results of this email next week, so stay tuned to make sure you see the outcome.

In the past, you’ve seen us talk about some of these free things that we offer to agents…

Free stuff for agents:

Onyx Sales Process – Start to Finish Community

CLOSER Framework – Start to Finish Community

Turn Leads into Clients with a Buyer Strategy Session (coming soon, filming today)

Objection Handling (coming soon)

Turn your database into gold (coming soon)

This is all available in our FREE community, Start to Finish – Click Here to join

But there’s more…

Your consumers (buyers, sellers, renters) also want free, valuable information. They don’t want to “call you for all their real estate needs” (I promise).

We have been sending our consumer-facing newsletter,, every Friday for nearly two years. It has over 12k subscribers. Here is what we’ve learned.

Consumers also want free VALUABLE stuff. They don’t care about nonsense (or crap, as I call it). They want to know what is going on in the market, and they want valuable giveaways.

Our best-performing consumer-facing newsletters are always our Market Updates & free stuff.

Pro-Tip: Market updates are free stuff, too.

Free stuff for our consumers:

Weekly Newsletter (

Rent vs. Own Guide @

Home Search website @

Seller Funnel @

Buyer Strategy Session @

Feel free to click around and register for as many different things as you want. Some of these will trigger automations, so feel free to interact as much (or as little) as you want. Just so you know, if you’re receiving this email, we know you’re an agent or in the business so we won’t do all the same outreach we would to a consumer.

I wanted to share these to show what we offer to our clients, and they love it.

This is your nudge to make some valuable free stuff to send to your leads or to generate new leads (that’s what a lead magnet is).

PS—I share way more tactical and in-depth information on how we generate leads, convert them to clients, and close deals in our community. It’s free and growing. It has all the training our agents get access to, and I’m going to be dropping more consistently.

You’ll also have access to my marketing manager, myself, and a community full of other agents like you.