8% of the Year is Behind Us

Did you see this post last week?

Did you feel attacked? (I reposted it and got some DMs)

or did you realize that you’re right on pace to hit your goals?

I hope your answer is the second one…

If not, you’re in luck. There is still 92% of the year to make up time. The magic happens when you realize that you’re not on track and you make adjustments.

Here is the real question…

Do you need to change your activities… or do you need to change your goal?

One of them has to change.

I vote for activity.

Adding more income-producing activities to your calendar will lead to more income. It is not magic; it’s math.

If you have big goals, you’re going to have a full calendar. There are no two ways around it.

Here is a very real example… I have had a completely packed calendar for the last 5 weeks. I’ve literally been booked almost every 15 minutes so far this year. This week, it is looking a little lighter. I have to choose one of two things.

  1. Take the slower week and see if it continues
  2. Figure out why it’s slower this week and make changes to fix it

Most will choose the first option, but my goals won’t allow me to sit on the sidelines and wait.

For the first 5 weeks of the year, I’ve been averaging 18 appointments every week (a total of 89). If I want to keep that pace, there are a few changes that I need to make.

  • Add more follow-up to leads that I haven’t had a conversation with
  • Add more value to the leads that aren’t ready to set an appointment (big announcement coming soon here)
  • Add a nurture system for leads higher up the funnel

… and in case you’re wondering. I’m not in production as a real estate agent. These activities are not agent activities…

These are business principles.

100% of my focus is on growing the business of our Agents and the Team. We have big goals and an even bigger vision for the future. Slacking on my income-producing activities won’t get us there.

Work works.

Talk soon!

Christian @ Onyx Homes

PS – Back by popular demand, I’ve convinced Eric Daniels to host another training on Micro Farms.

If you’re not familiar with this (you should be), he has taken over farms by starting with Micro Farms over and over. This is something he has done, not only with his own career but trained agents all over the country to do the same.

As a Tom Ferry coach, he taught this to his clients. As the owner of a brokerage, he taught it to his agents.

Now you’re getting it FOR FREE in an hour training. Regardless of whether you can make the live training (you should be there), you’ll get the recording. You’ll also get the blueprint that he uses to make this happen.

The live training is Thursday Feb 15th @ 12pm PST or 2pm CST – Register Now – Click Here

You will get the recording if you can’t make it, so register even if you’re not sure if you can do that time.