A Real Estate Agent Community for Training, Mindset, and Tactics

The real estate business is simple, not easy. 

Because it’s simple, so many people get into the business. 

They see it as many different things but rarely for what it truly is—a career. 

There is a very simple path to being successful in real estate. 

Talk to a lot of people, do a lot of deals. Like I said… simple. 

The good news is most agents aren’t willing to do the basics. The basics that are required to do well in this business. 

This does two things… 

  1. Gives a bad name to real estate agents because most are… (inexperienced, lazy, etc.)

A lot of consumers don’t respect the job agents do for the same reasons a lot of agents get into the business. 

It’s an easy way to make a lot of “side hustle” money.

However… this leads me to my second point. 

  1. Great Agents stand out from the ocean of mediocre agents. 

You can simply commit to doing the basics and have an incredible career. Yet, most can’t even do that… let alone go above and beyond.


My favorite quote from Phil Jones…

“Do the basics. 

At a high level. 


What are the basics?  You already know them. 

You might not know how to do them at a high level. That’s okay; there are tons of places to go to learn and improve. 

And we all know what consistently means. In case you don’t, it means every time. 

For the agents that are willing to put in the work at a high level… and do it consistently… there is no ceiling. 


Bonus point:  everyone has a different definition of the word success. 

You don’t have to do all the deals to be successful. But if you’re asking my opinion (and by still reading, I assume you want it)… success means hitting the goals you’ve set for yourself. 



Here is my goal.  I am building the #1 team in California, the team that sells more homes than any other in the state. 

Am I anywhere near this goal? No, not even close. Do I know exactly what I need to do to get there?  Absolutely not. 

But I do know that it’s going to be a lot of doing the basics… at a high level… consistently. 

Through this journey, I’m committing to sharing as much of the path as I can. 

I’ll be sharing a lot of what is working in our business right now and in the future.  I’ll be sharing what hasn’t worked (what you shouldn’t do). 

But I’ll also share a ton of the training, mindset, and tactics that will get us where we want to be. 

I’m going to be sharing all of this with a community that I’m launching. 

This community will be full of agents and business leaders, just like you. 

You’ll be able to ask questions, get answers, and connect with others who are in your shoes AND those who are a few steps ahead of you. 

All this is completely free. 

I’ve gained a ton of knowledge and learned a lot of lessons from others ahead of me, and this is one way for me to give back. 

Bonus:  In the spirit of full transparency, I know that by giving all this value away for free. It’ll probably attract more of the right types of agents to our company, Onyx Homes.  

I’m a huge fan of win-win opportunities. 

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