Are you getting buyer agreements signed?

Do you use buyer agreements in your business right now?

If not, here is a case study about why you might want to start.

But also, you shouldn’t start blind (aka – recreating the wheel). I’ll share what we’re doing to have brand new agents getting these signed left and right.

Back when I was full force into sales, I never used to get buyer agreements signed. I personally didn’t believe in it. But, I did a consultation (or a Strategy Session as we call it) with every single client I worked with. At the end of the consult, I used the famous line…

“Based on everything you’ve heard from me so far… is there any reason you wouldn’t want to work together moving forward?

95% of the time, after a 45+ minute consultation my LEADS turned into CLIENTS with a verbal commitment.

Obviously, things are changing. Now we have to get buyer agreements signed. We’ve changed our process, but not very much. Our process is crystal clear and simple. We try to make everything like this, which makes it easy for our agents to follow every time.

Case Study:

Last week we had 6 buyer agreements signed (worth about $140k in future GCI). Five different agents got these agreements signed (so it’s not just our top agent doing this).

Another note – 3 of the 5 agents who got their agreements signed have been in the business less than 90 days. How are they doing it? They’re trusting the process… and following it. Every time.

These leads are from all different sources, team leads, open houses, SOI, you name it.

If you’re wondering what this ‘process’ is we’ve built out an entire training for our team . We are sharing it with anyone who is interested. I’ve dropped the trainings in the classroom of our community. Free & open to everyone.

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There are currently two trainings in the classroom. One is the sales process that I’m talking about in this email. The second is our sales framework that includes 8 pages of scripting.

The next training is going to be dropping soon.Iit will be the actual buyer strategy session. This is what is allowing us to get buyer agreements signed at a very high level. No promises on when it drops because of how long it takes me to make (these last two trainings took a combined 35 hours).