Day in the Life Webinar

The best and worst part about being a real estate agent is the same thing.

You. Are. Your. Own. Boss.

Here are the 2 questions I like to ask agents when they feel like they’re not on track to hit their goals…

First – How much do you want to make?

Second – If you were your own boss, would you pay yourself $XX,000 every month for the work you’re putting in?

If the answer is yes, then be patient.

… but if your answer is no, something has to change.

You’ll either have to change your goal…


Change your activities.

I vote for activities.

Because of that, I have a special event coming up for you. The topic will be ‘Day in the Life of a Successful Agent’. The goal of the event is to share two totally different perspectives from two agents.

Both agents are in their first handful of years in the business and I’ve had the luxury of watching them grow. From brand new agents to having a successful career. Especially in the last two years which have been the hardest for most agents out there.

They’re going to be sharing…

  • What factors have been most important to their success
  • Their daily work routines
  • How they structure their prospecting & follow-up
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid

We will open up a large chunk of the second half of this live webinar for Q&A. Make sure to write out a list of questions because you will be able to ask and get their live and honest feedback.

As always, even if you can’t make the live event, still register. We’ll send you the recording once we have it all ready to go.

Register for the Day in the Life of a Successful Agent – Click Here

Looking forward to seeing you there!