How to Increase Conversion with Email

Everyone wants to increase their conversion… Including myself.

How to increase your conversion isn’t exactly rocket science either… (even though it feels like it sometimes).

There is plenty of advice out there on…

  • Doing the basics
  • Stay in front of your leads
  • Get your name out there
  • Call the damn leads

But I’m going to share one of my favorite things you can do to drive activity to your website.

This is probably the most underrated thing you can do to increase your conversion. I also think it’s underrated because it requires a bit of skill and some money unless you’re on a team like ours (we do this for our agents).

There are several different strategies to drive activity to your website. You can do some or all the strategies, it depends on your skill and your capacity.

My Favorite – Weekly Email Newsletter

This is my personal favorite, is also the most difficult. It’s my favorite because most of my competition isn’t willing to do the work AND it drives huge activity every week.

One of the things that I will say about this is that it is something you can build over time. If you were to look back at the first content I made for my email newsletters, you’d laugh. The quality was terrible, I wasn’t good on camera, and my writing wasn’t great. Fast forward two years later and over 100k emails later, we’ve got much better at it.

I’ll explain how we do this (at a high level) and then I’ll explain the steps to start.

I write the text for the newsletter every Monday. I use a website called which makes sure that I’m writing at a low grade reading level. When you write above a 3rd-grade reading level, you will lose some people, and it becomes harder to skim (how most people read).

Tuesday, I use the text as a script for the video version of the newsletter. I have a studio set up at my house, with lights from Amazon and a high-quality camera and mic set-up (all less than $1,500).

Wednesday we (my marketing team) watches the video and timestamps it for errors before we send it off to our editors.

Friday we get the video back, and we schedule the email to be sent on that day.

Our email newsletter is rather simple, it is text only and may have some images. This is not a branding play, this is a value delivery AT SCALE play… and this play works.

We send this email every Friday to 13,000+ people, and we get between a 35% – 45% open rate. This means every week, the message I felt was the most important gets seen by 7,000+ people (or leads). This is why it’s my favorite strategy. Also, people feel like they know me. Some of them have been receiving my emails every Friday for nearly 2 years.

I’ve received responses from my emails from people I’ve never met saying they want me to list their home. People value VALUE!

This content goes on…

We also do this entire process for our agent newsletter called, Start to Finish in Real Estate. If you’re getting this in your email, you’re already on it, but if you’re not, we also post it to our community.

  • Start to Finish in Real Estate Community – Click Here

If you like this type of content and haven’t already joined the community, you should.

This drives a ton of activity to our website. This tells me (and our agents) who we should be following up with the most. A lot of our follow-up workflow is based on the activity of our leads and less of what they’re saying to us.

Actions speak louder than words.

Now if you want to start your own email newsletter, here are the steps.

Step 1 – Pick an Email Service Provider (ESP), this is different than your Gmail or whatever you use. This is a platform to send bulk emails. We use ConvertKit, but there are a ton of options, none of which are very expensive.

Pro-Tip: You might already have this with your CRM.

Don’t overthink this; just pick one and run with it. They all do pretty much the same thing.

Step 2 – Add your leads to your email list. As you generate leads, make sure you’re adding them.

Step 3 – Write valuable content. Don’t use AI to write the content (unless you’re in my market, then go for it). AI doesn’t talk like you or have your knowledge. I see people using AI to write their content, and it’s crap 99% of the time.

You can use AI to generate the ideas but put your own knowledge out there. Yes, it does require work, but it’s worth it. Trust me.

Step 4 – Send the email.


Obviously, this is extremely simplified, but it really is that simple. I am following that exact same process writing this to you now.

I’m also going to do a full workshop on launching your email newsletter that will only go to the Start to Finish in Real Estate Community. It’s completely free to join, and all my best stuff is going there.

You can learn more about it by going to this site, join for free if you’d like. Get in there and engage.

Join the free Community – Click Here

See you there!