Increase Conversion with my Real Estate Sales Process

We have seen a huge shift in one thing from last year to this year…

… no it’s not that we’re on pace to hit our goal of 200 units for $200m (30%+ growth).

I also know what has caused the shift, but I’ll save that for the end.

Here is the shift. We need to go on 40% fewer appointments to do a deal.

That means that our conversion ratios have gone up significantly. It also means that we’re able to sell the same number of houses with nearly half the work (work meaning appointments).

or… my preference

We are able to sell twice as many homes doing the same amount of work. (much better)

This is a HUGE shift in our business. I’ll explain why this shift has happened.

More agents have started following our sales process with our buyers. This leads to a few things to happen in your lead conversion. Our agents that follow this process are…

  1. Meeting with more of the appointments they set (#1 way to increase conversion)
  2. Booking second meetings (buyer strategy sessions)
  3. Doing more buyer strategy sessions (adding a ton of value)
  4. Getting buyer agreements signed (focusing on committed clients)

Now if this process sounds familiar at all, it’s because it should. It sounds exactly the same way that we handle sellers. Our agents who are following this process are qualifying their leads in a new way.

Not by interrogation, LPMAMA (if you know what I mean).

They’re qualifying by offering tremendous value through a strategy session. Only then asking for a commitment from the buyer.

This does three things that make a massive impact on your business…

  1. A) Increases the number of leads that want to work with you
  2. B) Allows you to focus your time and efforts (value) on committed clients
  3. C) Increases the commission you make per deal

So if you like numbers, here is what we’re seeing:

  • We are setting 20% more appointments this year than we did last year.
  • It is taking 40% fewer appointments to close a deal
  • We are on pace to be 40% up from last year (which was 30% up from the previous year)

There is no magic. Just a sales process that works and agents are putting in the work.

In case you haven’t heard, I released the full training in the Start to Finish Community. It’s free and easy to access. Feel free to take this and implement it in your business. I’m glad we did.