NAR Lawsuit & What to do

By now, you’ve definitely heard the news.

I’m not going to give a recap of what has happened here. If you want to see my take on it, I’m sending that to our consumer newsletter and we’ll post that to our blog @

I want to share exactly what my team and I have been doing to prepare for this for the last 18 months.

Now that you’re going to have to get buyer agreements signed with your buyers, you will need a clear value prop.

Put simply… you need a very clear answer to the question… “Why should I work with you?”

I’ve made a full training on exactly what we do to…

  1. Meet with more appointments that we set
  2. Win more clients that we meet (our sales framework)
  3. Get a buyer agreement signed

Feel free to copy and paste our strategy into your business. We know it works, and it will for you, too.

Here is the link to the free training – click here

For the record. I’m stoked for this change. For the agents that lean into it, you’re going to thrive.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to have a conversation.