The Biggest Secret to Success in Real Estate

The biggest secret to being successful in real estate is a full calendar.

I will share a few of our golden pellets that keep our agent’s calendars full.

Golden Pellets:

  • Consistent flow of hand-raising leads
  • Simple follow-up process
  • Answer questions before they’re asked
  • Be louder
  • Do the basics better

A ton of people in the industry (most teams are guilty of this) say that you only need more leads to succeed.

Not true!

Having more leads is not the answer. It’s part of the answer.

Any successful agent will tell you that it’s the un-sexy things that make them successful. The things that nobody wants to hear.

Un-sexy things:

  • Speed to lead (jump on them asap)
  • Follow up (forever)
  • Do consultations (even when you don’t want to)
  • Follow the process (every time)
  • Do more (of everything)
  • Ask for referrals (on every call)

Any agent that does these things will do well. They’ll also get better and better over time.

All these golden pellets will help make you successful.

PS – I’ll go more in-depth on each of these golden pellets in future posts as well as on our YouTube channel.


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