The Onyx Sales Process

Do you know what you’re doing when you get a new lead? When you set an appointment?


Are you like most agents who are doing something different every time?

I have a saying that our team hears me say all the time… “If you’re going to do or say something over and over… You might as well make it as good as possible.”

I’ve broken down our process to make sure that we meet and close as many leads as possible. I’ll share the framework with you here – Download the Onyx Sales Process, click here. I’ll also have a link to download the full doc that our team uses (includes screenshots).

We wrote out our sales process in 4 simple steps.

** This sales process starts once you’ve set an appointment. This allows us to follow the exact same process for ALL lead types and sources

Step One – Becoming Best Friends

Goal: To increase your “show” or “meeting” rate with the appointments you set.

Tell the client exactly what you want them to do—clear and simple instructions.

Here is the text template I use every time I get off the phone with a new lead:

Hi Nicole! this is Christian Stubbs. 👋 It was nice chatting with you.

This is my cell phone so save it in your phone! 📲

Christian Stubbs

(949) 334-2270

[email protected]

I want them to save my number in their phone, so I ask them to.

Also, follow up that text with something that will help build rapport. If you can have a few more text messages exchanged, you’re WAY more likely to meet and close the lead.

Lastly, do exactly what you said you were going to do. Do it before the appointment. Fill the time between appointment set and appointment met. Bring value, not crap.

Step Two – Win at the Job Interview

Show up professionally. Onyx Agents show up to every first showing with a fancy packet to give to their clients. Set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t just hand it to them. Explain WHY you’ve gone to such lengths to put this beautiful packet together.

Clarify WHY they’re looking at a house. Most people don’t talk to salespeople (especially Realtors) for fun. I follow the CLOSER framework, which I’ve broken down in a full University.

C = Clarify what they’re wanting to accomplish

L = Label their pain point

O = Overview what they’ve done so far

S = Sell the end goal, not the solution

E = Explain away their concerns

R = Review next steps that you’ve just agreed to

Closing for next steps:

“Based on what you’ve shared with me, our clients that are in your same shoes have found that doing what we call a Strategy Session has been really helpful… 

We cover…

  • What our clients are doing to take advantage of this market
  • How we keep you protected through the entire process
  • How we get you the best deal possible, regardless of the circumstances

I jokingly say it can take between 20 minutes and 2 hours depending on how many questions you ask.  

Does that sound like a bad idea to do?”

Set the appointment. Always leave with the next steps established.

BTW – If you want to see this in way more depth, I made a free online University on our Sales Process & the Closer Framework.

Step Three – Earn the Business with a Strategy Session

Covered this entire process on our free university so I won’t spend too much time explaining it here.

I will say that this is where you show your value to your leads. This is also where you should be turning your leads into clients. Our Strategy Sessions last between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

By taking the time to do the Strategy Session up front, you’ll earn more clients by delivering a better value. You’ll also make your life so much easier when you get your clients under contract. They’ll be educated on the process and will feel more confident that you know what you’re doing.

Step Four – Create a Game Plan (that your client agrees to)

  1. Whether you’ve set a Buyer Consultation or not, your job is to come up with a game plan that your lead agrees to
  • “Based on where you’re at in the process…  a lot of our clients have found [this thing] really valuable
    • Sell the Vacation, not the airport
  1. End the showing explaining the next steps!
  • To recap our game plan, I am going to ABC so that we can XYZ
  • Send the “Helpful Info” Email Template
  • Right when I get back to my computer/car, I’m going to send over an email with some helpful information.   It’ll have some resources that our clients find helpful.

Follow your GAME PLAN!

  • Follow through with what you said you were going to do

That’s it. Like I said, it’s not rocket science. And it doesn’t need to be.

If you don’t have a process, feel free to copy and paste this into your business.

PS – I mentioned a few different tools, and I’ve found that most people scroll right to the Postscript so here are the links:

Download the Sales Process Doc (includes screenshots and scripts) – click here

Free University on our Sales Process and Closer Framework – click here