Trusting our Real Estate Sales Process

Did you shoot out of a cannon at the start of this year?

I’m going to share the story of two agents who have had an unreal start to the year.

In just the first 21 days of the year…

One of them has put 4 deals under contract…

The other has done 3.

Is this because of a New Year’s resolution? Absolutely not. It is because of the commitment that they had to their business over the last 90 days.

Most agents were complaining about how hard of a year 2023 was. Waiting (hoping and praying) that rates come down so that it gets “easier“.

Meanwhile… These two agents put in the work that is required to be successful. Even through the holiday season when “nobody was buying”.

Between the two of them, they had nearly 500 conversations and went on 180 appointments.

Just in the last 90 days. November, December & January.

Work works. There is no hiding from it. (as much as some like to)

HUGE shoutout to Mara and Erin.

Two incredible agents on our team. I’m so proud of these two. They have been putting in the work for a long time. They understand that consistency is key.

My Takeaway:

One thing that both of them have in common. They came to me over a year ago and declared that they were going to be successful. They asked what they needed to do to make it happen. They’ve both trusted the process and put in the work.

Love success stories! We’ve had a bunch already this year, but this really stands out.

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